Sunday, 28 November 2010

Shop Updates

Thanks to everyone who came down to say Hi at Candy Cane yesterday - we had a brilliant time, hope you did too!

So, a couple of updates:

I have changed my Etsy shop currency to £GBP, which has made my life about 20 times less complicated. You can still view prices in your local currency and Paypal converts it all for you at checkout, so it shouldn't be too confusing for buyers (I hope). The change has also meant that my prices have come down a little bit, so do have a look!

Hoot is the latest Etsy listing:

The major factor in making the decision to change currency was adding stuff to my Folksy shop, which has been laying empty for a while now. I've just started listing a few things - and now the prices are the same as Etsy, everything is all neat and tidy which makes me happy.

If you want Frank in your life, you will find him there!

Enjoy x

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