Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hello there! Sorry I've been AWOL again, I've been off stripping wallpaper, doing sketchy things, adding a monkey or two to my etsy shop and of course working my way down my list of custom orders. I don't suppose anyone wants to read little updates like that here anyway, that's what Facebook is for, right?

Just thought I'd share with you this recent custom order. It was unusual because it wasn't a monkey in character, but a different beast altogether! The brief: "awesome lobster sock monkey" (actually the etsy-mail was a lot more interesting than that, but that's all you need to know). Unsure exactly what this meant, I sketched out a few ideas that immediately came to mind. I don't often sketch monkeys unless they are particularly complicated or if I am trying to get my ideas across to my customers, because I am not that great with words :)

Here's the images I sent across. They're not very detailed, but you get the idea:

1. Sock monkey with lobster claws
1a. as above with lobster-style end on monkey-tail
2. (back view) as above with full-on lobster tail (plus monkey legs) no idea how i'd do this but would find a way!
3. Monkey-head and thorax with a lobster tail instead of legs
4. Just a Sock lobster

After a bit of secret detective work on the part of my customer, we decided on option 3, and now that he's safely at his destination I can reveal the result:

I promise I didn't cook him.

This was such a fun one to do, and as an extra bonus (you know I hate to blow my own trumpet, but had to share this) I got some really lovely feedback:

"We cannot express how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our sock monkey lobster, Sock-crates!!!!!
When we only thought the sock monkey lobster would remain only an imaginative being, you made her wish come true! We owe you an infinite amount of thank yous for the beautiful work you have crafted. You have made a customer for life!
Thank you so much!"

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit of an insight into how I approach custom orders!
S x


Swirlyarts said...

He is fabulous!! So much so that he is featured on Cuteable today :)

Sian said...

ohyay! thank you :D

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow that is fab! It must have taken you ages to work that out. I can understand that the client was over the moon with him.