Monday, 22 March 2010

Terry and Mocha

You'll remember Terry as the sock monkey who was interested in the medical applications of Marmalade. Well, back in November he teamed up with Mocha at Candy Cane, to join an even bigger monkey family in Sheffield.

Well, I recently got this lovely email from Katrina:

"Here is a little picture of Terry and Mocha on holiday on the Isle of Arran this February. They had a lovely time. Terry is keeping up with his Orange studies and Mocha now works at a Monkey Coffee Tree in Graves Park."

I love Mocha's headphones. And did you know there were Monkey Coffee Trees? I didn't, but it explains a lot, I always wondered what sock monkeys get up to while their owners are at work. I bet they do an excellent banana cake in those places too, I'll have a closer look next time I'm in the park...

What's your monkey been up to since they left Monkey Central? Let me know! Email me at

S x


Jeanette [Maisy] House said...

waaah! brilliant pic! so nice to see what these guys get up to after they've been adopted :))

Sian said...

Isn't it!! Monkey-on-location pics make me happy :D