Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thank You!

Dad and I had a great time at the Candy Cane fair this weekend. We met so many nice people and the atmosphere with the visitors and stallholders was fantastic.

So a huge thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hello, and thank you to Sarah and Kati and the team at Craft Candy for organising another great fair, we really appreciate it!


Quite a few monkeys found new homes, which was a bonus! Here's a rundown:

Loves gardening and sampling the fruits of her labour.

Prefers her caffe latte with chocolate syrup, cinnamon and marshmallows (and has gone to live with Terry sock monkey).

Enjoys sledging and building snowmonkeys.

Best served with a nice of pot steaming hot Earl Grey.

Into 70s disco, soul and funk.

Was once a finalist on Mastermind (Ape Edition)

Plus Jenny Sock, star of The Unfortunate Incident's video for 'One Small Step' (adult content ;D) also found a home (and her own facebook profile) this weekend.

All have gone to utterly brilliant homes, and I hope they and their new keepers are very happy together!


In other news, along with doing much of my Christmas shopping in the last half an hour of the fair, I managed to fill the huge monkey-sized gap in my heart with a small bear called Cecil, from Lucia of Betty Joy!

Meanwhile, Dad managed to attract much attention and get lots of drawing done at the same time!

Thanks again everybody - next stop for me is Julefest at Clifford School, Saturday 5th December where I will be sharing a stall with Sarah from Plain Jane Textiles! Should be a fun event. Watch this space for more info.

S (&B) x


Maisy said...

i love smartie!! i don't suppose he has a long lost twin bro out there in the world?!

siansburys said...

Actually he already has a twin.. he's potentially one of triplets though.. ;D