Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PLUSHTEAM: Me and My Monkey

Well, hi there! Sort of in response to Diane's nostalgic post on the PLush Team blog last week, I would like to explain that I was never into doll's when I was a kid either. My first soft toys were monkeys (had you guessed?). Please excuse the grimy nature of the monkeys, I would have taken a better photo but they are in a box somewhere because we moved house a few weeks ago and I have misplaced them (wahhhh!! noooo!!).

Originally there were two of them: Big Monkey and Lickle Monkey. Apparently I would not leave the shop without Big Monkey, and so it began. Big and Lickle Monkey were later joined by Monkey Magic, named after MONKEY, my favourite TV programme from the early 80s. Partly due to my love of monkeys I spent a lot of my childhood thinking I wanted to be a vet, or go out to the jungle and work with wild apes. I guess I sort of still find that idea pretty interesting, except that I'm more afraid of having my face torn off by gigantic spiders these days. So making sock monkeys is probably the safer option.

Anyway enough of my rambling. I'd like to now point you in the direction of some fantastic monkey-related plushteam offerings to add to your own personal monkey collection.

Predictable? Moi? ;)

Firstly these little apes from Phil Barbato are well and truly on my wishlist, especially Kecil (the green one) - look at his long, hairy arms!! Ace.

Gorilla No. 1 from zfla is the perfect friend for the Dian Fossey in you. That is, the Dian Fossey in you which makes up the small percentage of you that's not terrified of being mauled to death or chased up a tree.

Finally, call yourself a plush monkey blog? Where's the happy amigurumi banana? Oh wait, there it is. Thanks yummypancake :D

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