Thursday, 18 June 2009


If you have been over to the Plush Team blog in the last couple of weeks you will have been served up a delicious menu of plush platters!

Based on Iron Chef, the May/June challenge is IRON PLUSH!

"To challenge our team members, 5 theme "ingredients" were randomly picked - pom poms, faux fur, foam, mirrors, and velcro. 5-6 team members were assigned to each ingredient, and they are currently battling it out by creating a food themed plush using their assigned "ingredient". An awesome panel of judges(to be named later) will be rating the entries in 3 categories - originality, use of theme ingredient, and plating. We will have one Iron Plush winner per ingredient!"

Here's just a small selection of the fantastic entries so far!

1. Battle Velcro - Ravioli con Tentacoli di Polpo, 2. Pom Pom Pomegranate - Iron Chef Challenge, 3. Set of 10 Mad Tea Party Cookies, 4. The emperor using the force to steal a Wookie Cookie, 5. ooh la talulah...iron chef challenge, 6. Iron Plush Competition, 7. Cake Detail, 8. I love Sushi, 9. Velcro Strawberry Cake

Go over to the Plush Team blog now to see more of the fabulous Iron Plush entries and stay tuned to see who our judges choose as our winners!

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