Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Feecha & Art Fire

Featured on this lovely blog Autonomous Artisans today. Screenshot is cropped right down so you could see it, so to see the whole blog post please click here.

Joined up on Art Fire today. It looks like its going to be a really good site. If like me you decide to take advantage of their $7 a month for life offer for the first 5000 accounts, please use my link referral here: Register on ArtFire.com, cos if I get 10 of you I get a free ride for life, and that would be ace! :D


PS Oh yeah I also discovered myself on this site, which is a brilliant site for finding handmade stuff from the UK: Shop Handmade UK

1 comment:

Raggy Rat said...

ill lok into that if i get 5
can we trade bloggy linkies?