Thursday, 9 October 2008

Renegade Monkeys Return

Remember the sock monkeys that went off to Renegade Chicago? Well, some of them have returned, and I will be listing them soon on etsy!!


1. MERVIN (grey/green)
Decided to stay in Chicago

2. BENJAMIN (leopard print)
Benjamin was destined for a glittering gymnastics career but his dreams were shattered when he fell from the high bar during practise. He is now personal trainer and Yogi.

3. SERJ (red/purple stripes)
Serj loves early abstract expressionism, modern poetry, and plays rhythm guitar in an alternative metal band. He one day hopes to be able to grow a beard to rival that of acclaimed record producer Rick Rubin.

4. MIKEY (grey & multicoloured stripes)
Mikey loves the Beastie Boys, breakdancing, and riding the quarter pipe on his totally rad BMX. Incidentally if you happen to know how to weld stuff, he’d really appreciate your help.

14. LOLO (dark pink with light pink hearts)
Lolo lives for boxes of handmade Turkish delight dipped in icing sugar and wrapped in ribbons, and handwritten love notes left in secret places.

15. PT STITCHY (the blue one that's not a monkey)
PT Stitchy is the Plush Team mascot, designed by Plush Team member NervousOnion
This plushie was created by Siansburys to celebrate the Plush Team’s first birthday!

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ChichiBoulie said...

I think some monkeys need to take a trip to France!

And I'm so so sorry.... but I had tagged you before I realized... You've already been tagged!

Tag! You're it (again)!