Tuesday, 2 September 2008

New Munkie

Sock Monkey - Pepper

Pepper enjoys Mexican food, but her heart lies in the mountains of Peru where she imagines that one day she will live a semi nomadic lifestyle with a herd of alpacas and a pet condor; in her spare time searching for mysterious lost cultures. And gold.

More munkies on the way!!
S x


hippyofdoom said...

OMG she sounds scarily like me!

Love of:
- mexican food
- peru
- alpacas
- valuable minerals

She is my monkey twin!

Sakura said...

Hello oh beautiful Sianess...Pepper is defo my kinda gal. Pet condor is awesomeness I want one lol. When you have a minute pls stop by my blog for an award I've given you.

And yay for hippy who has found her long lost twin bwahahah :D

Sakura ♥

Siansburys said...

hahah hippy, me too! lets be friends :D

ooh yay thanks sakura.. i will do this at some point hopefully soon!! :D x