Thursday, 7 August 2008


Hello! Well, Self Portrait Thursday was not enough. Apparently I am starting my 365 tomorrow. That is to say, I will be taking a self-portrait every day FOR A YEAR. For someone who hates having her photo taken, and who hates to do things badly, and who is rubbish at keeping stuff going if she is not the best at it (geting used to this as more time goes on by the way), this is going to be a challenge! I am scared!

SPT 0700808 0/365 separated at birth

This is all thanks to Abi (yes you) who decided that she was going to do it and, like a fool I (sort of) jokingly offered moral support by agreeing to do it too. The other reason is that if we start on the 8/8/8 it will be cool. And it will be even more cool because we'll finish it on the 7/8/9 (disclaimer: I haven't actually checked this against a calendar for accuracy).

So anyway, wish us luck! Its going to be one hell of a journey. Probably a very dull and tedious one, but a journey all the same.

0_365 on the road 1

In other news, I am in the process of updating my shop photos with the new BRANDING, starting with my new monkey, Jeremy. Everyone say HI JEREMY :)

Sock Monkey - Jeremy

S :)


Abi B said...

ALL ABOARD the good ship 365!

debsmuddle said...

good luck with your 365

Siansburys said...

thank you lovely laydeess