Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Poppies and Buttercups

Well the sunshine is finally here but, how long will it stay? Time for an injection of summer and warm colours I think! Here are a few of my favourites from UK sellers.

This Natural Linen Tote Bag with Poppies and Buttercups by RaspberryFairy is the inspiration for my picks. I love the simplicity of the design and composition.

Set of Four Floral Photographs by eyeshoot. The colours and translucency of the petals in this photograph of an overblown orange poppy are just beautiful.

Ria vintage scarf top - oriental poppies on parchment by Greygoat. These Ria tops have featured in my etsy favourites for a long time, but I am particularly taken with this oriental poppy print.

Buttercup - Hand Dyed Alpaca Yarn by Shunklies. Simply mouthwatering!

Sian :)
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