Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monkey Me, Monkey Wash

Have you been following the progress of Monkey on his travels across North America?

Well Lisagh contacted me recently to say that after all his adventures, she thinks that he might be feeling a little weary and that could do with a bath.

I ran the idea past Renaldo and he was concerned that Monkey might be traumatised by the experience so, as the older brother, he selflessly offered himself as a guinea pig. He was a bit scared at first but I assured him I would put him inside a pillowcase and on a cool, quick cycle for delicates (we both agreed on Renaldo's delicate disposition).

Three quarters of an hour later, Renaldo appeared refreshed, rejuvenated and a little damp. As it was a nice day he decided to hang outside to dry for a while.

I brought him in when I heard him shouting about the rain (and his sore ear), and he was still a little damp, so we went round to my Mum and Dad's for a quick burst in the tumble drier. Ahh lovely!

I hope Monkey enjoys his bath as much as Renaldo did!
Sian :)

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