Thursday, 24 July 2008


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*types furiously in the style of Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote*

Dear Readers,
As you may be aware from my previous post, I accidentally grew a courgette, or ZUCCHINI if you will, due to the inheritance of a RUNT courgette plant from one of Andy's workmates a few months ago. Despite all my lack of effort I managed to grow one mighty specimen, with several more on the way:

JULY courgettes

So, what does one DO with a courgette? Everyone knows that they taste horrible and SOME say that they are in fact The Food of The Devil (Anna). This is a question I put to my Flickr friends, and all praise to Champignons, who informed me of the Good News that courgette can be made into CAKE !!

Only a small amount of further investigation was required to discover that there are many and varied cakes that feature the corge. The first recipe to be tested is this one which was given to me by the lovely and talented "Cake Ho" Abi Bansal.

I even took a pic in the style of Abi in HOMAAAAGE.

Wow, what a revelation. Courgettes ARE edible. I feel that this is an important life lesson which should be shared with you all.

Thanks Abi and Deb and Laura and everyone else who complimented me on my corge! (and thanks to Brian for his corge plant).

Sian x
PS I know I haven't sent out anything to the mailing list yet, I am so sorry - my life has been taken over by the toyshop over the last few weeks but all will be back on track in a week or so *fingers crossed*


Abi B said...

Awesome.. ha!!! so glad it turned out ok :)

Sneddonia said...

Courgettes? Edible? Surely not?