Sunday, 22 June 2008

This is Not a Fill

Ever spin around in circles until you got so dizzy you fell? Uhh yeah, not for a long time though.

What's the most comfortable thing you own? Everything I own is comfortable!

Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? Yep, I wore it just today.

Have you ever stolen a sign from a street? Um, no...

What was the last thing you were thinking about? Whether or not I had ever stolen a sign from the street.

If you could change your MIDDLE name, what would it be? GziGzi

Is the moon out right now? Probably, its 1am

What's the heaviest thing you own, besides a car? I guess, my Granny's piano.

Do you live on your own? No I live with a man, a cat, a bunny, some fish and 10,000 monkeys.

What's one of your weird quirks that nobody really understands? I live with 10,000 monkeys.

Ever thought about why grass is green? There is a detailed scientific answer to this that takes away all the magic.

Can you build a detailed sand castle? I suppose I could, but life's too short.

What's one of your favorite possessions? Apart from my Granny's piano, a fountain pen that my Mum gave me as a birthday present a few years ago :)

What's in your purse/backpack/other(pockets, wallet...)? Pens, receipts...

How come macaroni and cheese is so good? That's another of life's great mysteries.

What is the most amount of money you would spend on a pillow? I don't know, £10?

Last book you read for pleasure? Just finished 'Two Caravans' and am currently reading 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Marina Lewycka.

If you google your name, what comes up? My website :)

What is the weirdest pet you have owned? I tried to keep a garden spider once but it got away.

Thanks for those fascinating questions.

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