Sunday, 1 June 2008

Plush Prizes!

Fancy winning this huge bag of plush prizes from the talented members of the PlushTeam (and me ;D )?

Well its easy!! All you have to do is search the etsy stores of the participating team members for this image of our mascot 'PT Stitchy' and note down the listing numbers where he is hidden!

The game officially starts today and you have until Friday June 6 to enter, with the winner announced Monday June 9. Go to the PlushTeam blog for details on participating stores and how to enter.

Good luck!
Sian :)


Bunny said...

Whoah! Brill!
Who designed the plush team's logo?
It's SO awesome.

Siansburys said...

NervousOnion - its good eh?! :D

Bunny said...

it really is.
proper professional, like ;)