Wednesday, 11 June 2008

One Question

"Would anyone like any toast?" **

What sort of world would this be without toast? Isn't toast brilliant? Would you like some? Well, now you can, without any of the mess. ToastMania will spell out any message you wish (as long as it fits on a piece of toast). On toast. With Alphabetti Spaghetti. And then photograph it for you.

If you are worried about wastage, please be assured that 'everything is recycled'. You get an awesome photo/card. Ian at ToastMania gets a tasty toasty snack. Everyone's a winner.

Good Day Sunshine 10 x 8 colour photograph by ToastMania

Check out some of these other awesome toast related items on Etsy:

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** "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TOAST?" Love this sketch :)

Sian x

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niftyknits said...


thanks for that, haven't seen red dwarf for ages :-)

and I like that flickr badge, I'll have a go at one later :-D