Thursday, 17 April 2008

Telling Stories

Phew. Sometimes the most difficult thing about making sock monkeys is giving them their personalities. Some of them come ready made with the socks, some develop as the monkey takes shape and some... well... some take a little more time to tell me their stories.

Watts has been sitting with me for the last 3 weeks, watching my every move while keeping absolutely and completely schtum. I knew he had a military background and that he had a significant rank, but it was only when I offered him a slice of banana cake that he really came out of his shell. Shame I'd already ruined the cake.

Sock Monkey - Watts

Lieutenant Colonel D. Watts is the commanding officer of Siansbury’s Own Fusiliers, a regiment of sock monkeys which has been instrumental in peacekeeping missions in times of plush unrest. When not deployed operationally, the regiment provide guard outside Siansbury’s Castle, while Lt. Col. Watts indulges his hobby of carving scale model tanks out of banana cake.

Still working on those custom orders, but more monkeys soon!
Sian x

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