Sunday, 13 April 2008

Monkey on The Move!

Little did I know when I sent Monkey the Redheel Monkey over to Canada back in December, that he would end up travelling the length and breadth of North America!

The lovely Lisagh at GrosgrainGarage and PreppyPetunia, short on time and cash to visit her friends across the continent, and in a moment of genius, decided to send Monkey in her place!

So far there are 46 confirmed stops, and it all starts with a radio spot at 7.45am (Central Time) tomorrow on CBC Radio Manitoba !! That's 1.45pm British Summertime folks, so please try and listen online!! :D

You can follow Monkey's progress throughout his travels over at MonkeyMeMonkeyYou or at any time by clicking his face over there on the right hand side >>>>
(Thanks to Lisagh for her awesome graphics)

I am so excited about this project - I think its going to be a lot of fun!
Good luck Monkey and Bon Voyage!!
Sian xx

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