Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Doctor

Doo doodoodoodoo doodoodoodoo doodoodoodoo
OOOOOOOOH weeee oooooooooh
OOOh weeee Ooooh OOOOOh WOOwoooooo

I don't really have much more to say about this one except that hopefully you can tell its a David-Tennant-as-Doctor-Who-monkey and he is already in his new home, keeping his new owner safe from cybermen and daleks.

Ok, I'll add a bit more. I never really watched Doctor Who when I was a kid because it scared me too much when I was really little, and then I didn't like Bonnie Langford (was she even in it) or 'Ace', and then I spent all my spare time at the stables. However, now its back on its one of my favourite programmes - the storylines and effects are so much better, and David Tennant is just so brilliant as the Doctor. So this is my Homaaage in monkey form :D

Andy loves Doctor Who too (he is a proper fan - Sylvester McCoy was his favourite!) and it was him that made the sonic screwdriver for this monkey (and then I painted it) :)

This is my favourite shot:

He also has a sonic screwdriver:

The glasses and sonic screwdriver also double up as brooches :)


Jennifer Rose said...

You can really tell its David Tennant in the shot with his glasses on. This is such a great monkey, you should see if you can send some pics to him. There must be an address for fan mail.

Abi B said...


not only do i love the tennant i LOVE him munkified!. Sian this is outstanding. And i also peed my pants laughing at the wooooeoooooooooooOOOooohhhhhhhh. i swear we should never meet in reality lest we sing AT each other.

GUGAW said...


Siansburys said...

Thanks laydees :D

I'd do that Fuzzy but he might then think I was a bit crazy and, as you are aware, I am *not* AT ALL.

Abi. Yes, i know. And of course this would all be made far worse for you by the fact that my singing voice is *terrible*