Saturday, 2 February 2008


Each month, the UK Etsy sellers set each other a challenge. Its a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and to try something you wouldn't necessarily have thought of otherwise. This month, the theme was 'Weird Science' and here are the entries:

1. Mouse with ear on its back by Clothcat
2. Weird Science bowl by Seaurchin
3. Mom (manic mansion) hama bead picture by Spugmeistress
4. Little Lisa by Kezzaroo

Cast your votes on etsy or flickr. You have until 12 noon on Tues 5th February!

February's challenge is: SWEETS FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD :)

Talking of getting creative, another great group set up recently is Bunny & Heidi's Doodle Challenge which I will write about some other time :)

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ally said...

oh cool entries! I didn't get time to do anything this time but I'll definitely do this months. Your blog is funky :)