Saturday, 19 January 2008

Monkeys Cats and Zebra

Helloooo monkeyfans! Well, I have been working hard on some new 'normal' monkeys to fill up my shop after spending the best part of 2 months doing crazy Superstar monkeys!

Even though it is a monkey, and leopard print, and inanimate.. this one reminds me so much of my old cat, Blue, with his wide blue eyes and white paddy paws. He was a Birman, apparently, though he never quite fitted the Birman specification so maybe he had some mixed heritage (I will search out a photo). Anyway he was beautiful but sadly killed by a car in 2000ish. His brother, Yellow is happy and well in front of the fire at Mum and Dad's house

If you are wondering how the cats came to have such exciting and imaginitive names, read on!

Our old cat, Emmie had died in the winter of 1996 and Dad had decided we would never have another cat. However, within a few weeks the mice had moved back in. At the same time, the daughter of a friend of his (who happened to have 2 kittens) had a baby. The kittens, along with the menagerie of other pets had become too much with the arrival of the baby so, to cut a long story short we adopted them.

The kittens came to us with the unfortunate names of 'Ant' and 'Dec'. Luckily Mum and Dad couldn't tell the difference between them or they might have been stuck with those names. The only way they could tell the difference was that Ant wore a yellow flea collar and Dec wore a blue one and hence they were renamed. This was all fine until the collars wore out and we couldn't find any blue or yellow ones so Blue ended up with a red one and Yellow wore green... hmm



steven mcvay said...

hello...thanks for your nice blog comment...your monkeys are lovely..xx

carolmac21 said...

Nice monkey (:0). He needs a blog of his own.