Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Monkey (uk etsy august challenge - clouds)

The Nature of Monkey was.... IRREpressible!! I made this for August UK Etsy Challenge 'Clouds', this is the first cloud I thought of

I LOVED Monkey when I was a kid... :D


Sarah Epstein said...

OH! I loved Monkey too!
It absolutely made my day to see this gorgeous sock monkey! It's fabulous.

I came across you on Etsy and then checked out your blog. I've linked your blog in mine so I can keep visiting to check out what other little gems you are creating! :o)


Siansburys said...

Hi Sarah
Wow my blog has been so neglected that I have only just read your comment! But one of my 2008 resolutions is to sort it out!
Sian :D