Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Hall of Adoption

Helloooooo! Well, so far the following suspects have been sent dahhhn (ok so they have been adopted off of etsy to variooos homes across the globe, Yayayay! :D - thanks to everyone who has said nice things and supported me

Sock Chicken2 (VT USA), Hoopy Frood (NWT Canada), Mooky (CM UK)

Leonard (BN UK), SockChicken3 (NWT Canada), Fuschias (EC1V UK)

And here's the next ones just listed!!

Suki and Punk Sock (at new reduced price)

Go take a look! Siansbury's at Etsy


Kala said...

well done on all the sales, love the punk one you've just listed, they are so much fun!

yumptatious said...

Inspired use of toe socks for the wonderful chicken!
Do you think that they've been bought for children or adults?

mushroommeadows said...

I like the mohawk monkey! :)

Siansburys said...

Aww thank you!! Erm, i think they have been bought for both, but mainly the adults ;)